[Event] Login Event Open!

7/12/2018 7:08:39 AM

Hello, Heroes!

To welcome everyone to the wonderful world of First Hero, we have prepared a special event just for you! 

For more event details, please check the following information!


▶Event Period: 2018/07/12 ~ 2018/07/24

▶Event Details: Log-in everyday and obtain rewards


# Details

  • You can receive credit for your visit only during 00:00 ~ 23:59, after 24:00 you have to re-login to receive credit.
  • Please login using Google, Game Center or Facebook account to participate in the event.
  • Using iOS guest login for the event can result in item loss and/or deletion. Restoration is impossible.
  • Your visit will be automatically recorded when you login to the game, and you can retrieve your rewards by tapping the “Retrieve Reward” button.
  • If you don’t retrieve your rewards in time, the reward will not be given to you.
  • *Important* If you don’t retrieve your rewards in time, your visit will not be treated as a full login and you can’t proceed to the next step.
  • Event rewards can be retrieved from your mailbox.
  • If you don’t retrieve your rewards from your mailbox within 3 days, it will be automatically deleted.
  • If you don’t have enough space in your mailbox, please delete previous mail to allow space for your rewards.
  • If you have any additional questions regarding the event, please feel free to send us a direct inquiry via the First Hero in-game Customer Center.
  • You can check on the event details page on [Mailbox] – [Notice] – [Touch Event Banner].

That concludes our details on this FIRST HERO Log-in Event!

FIRST HERO will strive to create wonderful memories for all our Heroes in our community. So, go out there and begin your legend… become our First Hero!

Thank you,