[Notice] Major Update Patch Note

7/5/2018 6:42:25 AM

Hello, Heroes

There will be Major update on the July 12 maintenance.

You can check on the details on this thread

■ Update Patch Note

 1. System Adjustment

  - The patch download speed has been enhanced that you can play the game in more short time.

  - Movement motion during battle is improved to move smoothly by optimizing.

 2. Organization system is changed to give more strategy on battle by combining hero and troop.

  - Max slot for offensive/defensive troop will be increased from 12 to 15.

  - Hero organization method is changed from unlimited heroes organization to max cost limit organization.

   # Max defensive slot or cost limitation is 20% higher than offensive slot.

  - You can't organize heroes over certain rate based on max slot number.

  - You can produce each troops at lower level than before.

3. To give more easy level up, experience and beginner reward has been enhanced.

  - Hero card drop rate for battle wins has been increased.

 4. Battle has been change to give more soft and fancy experience.

  - Apperance effect for legendary grade heroes are added.

  - To enhance recognition of skill, fancy skill effect has been added.

  - To reduce clogging between troops, diagonal attack and movement is now possible.

  - Victory motion for each troops has been added.

  - If player doesn't deploy troops during battle with AI, AI will not deploy troops and notice will pop up every 10 seconds.

 5. Tutorial
  - Now you can experience many game systems in short tutorial.

   > Overall tutorial process has been changed.

  - To give more immersion to the game, intro video has changed. 

  - Now you can experience the balance between troops on the tutorial.

 6. Other Changes

  - Achievement reward has been changed.

  # You cna get not only crystals but also resources/heroes/cash items and etc.

  - Ancient Artifact items option has been changed.

  # Artifact effect increase 2x, usable level decrease 

 - You can produce and enhance building at same time.

  - You can see construction status and availalbe building list on the Capital.

  - You can get notification when you lost your domain. 

- Hero grade of Joan of Arc has been changed. (Rare -> Unique)

Please enjoy your beautiful journey in FIRST HERO with this major update.

Thank you,

FIRST HERO Support Team