[Event Winner Announcement] A Romance of the Legends

12/5/2019 1:51:56 AM

Hello Heroes,

Thank you for partaking in our History Fun Time! Did you find the Romance hidden in the annals of history?

Their Love is so Legendary that it transcended time.

Now let’s find out who are the winners for the event!

■ Reward Details
1. Event Rewards
   > Right Answer (All): Crystal x 300
2. Distribution Method: Mailbox
3. Reward Distribution Date: 2019/12/05

■ Answer
(1) King Arthur - Guinevere

■ Winner List
- 에이스킬러

Thank you for your participation, and we wish to see you next Event!
FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all Heroes in our community.

Thank you,