[Event Winner Announcement] Match the Heroes to Their Nation!

11/21/2019 2:36:12 AM

Hello Heroes,

The “Match the Heroes to Their Nation!” event has concluded!

If every Hero and Heroine were at the same Nation at the same time, can you imagine how it will be?!

Please check the Event reward details below,

■ Event Reward Details
1. Event Reward
   > Right Answer: Crystal x300
2. Reward Distribution Method: Mailbox
3. Event Reward Distribution Date: 2019/11/21

■ Answer
(4) Cleopatra VII (Egypt), Ramesses II (Egypt)

※ Wrong Answer
(1) Abraham Lincoln (United States), Joan of Arc (France)
(2) Tran Hung Dao (Vietnam), Yi Sunshin (Korea)
(3) Jumong (Korea), Bismarck (Germany)

■ Event Winner List
- None

Thank you for playing and till next time Heroes! We await to see you Next Event!
FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all Heroes in our community. 

Thank you,