[Patch Note] Major Update: Patch Notes

11/18/2019 6:22:13 AM

Hello Heroes,

An Update with New Hero 'Sung Chunhyang' and Package is here!

Please check the following details below.

■ Patch Notes November 18, 2019
1. New Hero
Name : Sung Chunhyang
Fell in love with a heir of an artistocrat, Lee Mong Ryong. Become emotionally distraught after Lee's family moves away.
Despite of endless proposal of powerful lord, Chun Hyang remains loyal to her love.
Framed by a upset Lord, Sung Chunhyang was to be excuted but Lee returns and save his love and they both end up happily ever after.
When deployed, cast Immune Buff to Self and next 2 Ally Units which prevents Debuff {0} times and last 20 Sec.

2. New package
 - 3 Types of Sung Chunhyang Packge

FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all our Heroes in our community.

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