[Event Winner Announcement] History Fun Time! “Which Hero is the Oldest?” Vol. 1

10/24/2019 6:34:28 AM

Hello Heroes, 

This concludes our History Fun Time! “Which Hero is the Oldest?” Vol. 1 Event!

Its great to see many of our Heroes are carrying on the knowledge of these Legendary Heroes!
Let’s carry on the honored memories of these great Heroes!

Please check on the Event Reward details below,

■ Reward Details
1. Event Rewards
  > Right Answer (All): Crystal x200
  > Fastest Answer (1 person): Crystal x300 (1 Fastest answer from English + Korean Notice)
     ※ Fastest Answer winner will only get Crystal x300.
2. Reward Distribution: Mailbox
3. Reward Distribution Date: 2019/10/24

■ Answer
- Xerxes I (BC 519) > Xiang Yu (BC 232) > Genghis Khan (AD 1155) > King Sejong (AD 1397) > Bismarck (AD 1815)

■ Winner List
- None

Thank you for your participation, and we wish to see you next Event!
FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all Heroes in our community.

Thank you,