[Patch Note] Major Update: Patch Notes

10/21/2019 2:48:46 AM

Hello Heroes,

An Update with New Heroes and UI Improvents is here!
Please check the following details below,

■ Patch Notes October 21, 2019
1. New Heroes

2. New Package
- Monthly Limited Summon Package (1,2) has been added.
3. Main Screen Icon Rearrangement
 - Icon grouping and size change.
4. New Alliance System
 - Last connection time of alliance member will be displayed.
 - New Alliance level system
  > You can open [Alliance Research] when your alliance level goes up.
 - New Resource Donation System
 - New Alliance Research System
  > Resource production will be added, other categories will be updated later on
 - New Alliance Store
  > Can purchase item with resource that has been obtained by resource donation
5. New Log-in Event
 - Log-in Event (28 days)
6. 5 Star Hero Summon System Improvement
 - At least 1 Legendary Hero will be given from the 10 Hero Summon Scoll given at Tutorial at Level 5.
7. Balance Change
 - Troops that are given in beginning increased (Infantryman, Archer, Horseman x10 → Infantryman, Archer, Horseman x20)
8. Bug Fix
 - Expedition boss health regen when using Ramkham
 - Speed bug on expedition
9. Others
 - Naver Cafe Closure and Icon Removal

FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all our Heroes in our community.
Thank you,