[Event] History Fun Time! “Which Hero is the Oldest?” Vol. 1

10/10/2019 7:07:58 AM

Hello Heroes,

Heroes, they come from all ages. Throughout history they have come to be revered but whom among them is the oldest? 

Line up the Heroes from FIRST HERO from Oldest to Youngest to win great prizes!

The First Phase will consist of our Male Heroes, please check the details below.

■ Line Up Heroes in History Fun Time! “Which Hero is the Oldest?” Vol.1
- Event Period: 2019/10/10 ~ 2019/10/22 (UTC)
- Event Details: Line Up the Heroes by Birth Year
- Event Rewards
  > Right Answer (All): Crystal x200
  > Fastest Answer (1 person): Crystal x300 (1 Fastest Answer from English + Korean Notices)
     ※ Fastest Answer Winner will only get Crystal x300.
- How to Participate: Reply with your Hero Line Up on the Event Notice Thread
ex) [GM]Caesar / Bismarck > Genghis Khan > King Sejong > Xerxes I > Xiang Yu 
- Reward Distribution Date: 2019/10/24

- Phase 1 of History Fun Time: Male Heroes
  Bismarck, Genghis Khan, King Sejong, Xerxes I, Xiang Yu

- Caution
  > Plug Replies must be on the Event Notice to be valid.
  > Wrong Nick Names will not considered be valid.
  > Replies after Event Period will not be valid. (UTC Time)
  > Reward will be distributed via mailbox.

Who is the Oldest Hero Among these 5 Heroes? 
FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all Heroes in our community.

Thank you,