[EVENT] Let's play Ladder Game!

9/10/2019 5:15:16 AM

Hello Heroes,

We are proud to introduce a new feature for you, the Ladder Lottery game!
Why don’t you try the new game on your free time~?

Do you know what is on the end of the Ladder?
Pick your Hero who will lead you to your most wanted item, 
and write a reply with the Hero Name and your Character Name!

Please check following Event Details!

■ Let’s play Ladder Lottery Game ■

- Event Period: September 10 ~ September 24, 2019
- Event Details: Selected Hero will climb down the ladder and get a Reward! The Reward will be given based on each Hero.
- How to Participate
1. Choose a Hero from the Ladder!
2. Write a reply with your Nickname and your chosen Hero.
(Reply Example: [GM] Helen / ZhangFei)
- Winner Announcement: September 26, 2019

※ Replies must be on the Event Notice to be valid.
※ Hero name should be from the image, hero name not from the image will not be valid.
※ Wrong Nick Names and wrong Hero Name will not considered to be valid.
※ Replies after Event Period will not be valid. (UTC Time).

Good luck Heroes! Go for the Win!
FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all Heroes in our community.

We await your lucky entry!

Thank you,