[Event] Battle for the Realm! The Strongest GM! Who will be the Last One Standing?!

7/23/2019 6:47:36 AM

Hello Heroes,

Did you ever try “Arena” on FIRST HERO? It’s a very good place to showcase your strength!

The GMs can’t decide who among them are the strongest. So... they thought up a challenge to determine who among them are is the greatest! Once and for all!

And we figured, this can be a great Event to our Heroes!
So, we made this as an Event, and we want our Heroes to guess the Winner for the Match.
We are not going to make you guess for nothing, there will be many prizes awarded to our Heroes with the correct answer!
Please check on the following details and participate in the Event!

■ Guess the Winner!
- Event period: July 23 ~ July 29, 2019 (UTC)
- Event Details: Guess the Winner (GM) after Watching part of the Battle Video
- Combatant: [GM]Sejong vs [GM]Caesar
- Event Reward
  > Right Answer: 120 Minutes Fast Track x5
  > Wrong Answer: 5 Minutes Fast Track x5
- How to participate: Reply with Nickname / Expected Winner (GM Name) on the Event Notice thread
  ex) Nickname FIRSTHERO / Winner Anybody
- Reward Distribution Date: 2019/08/01


- Caution
  > Replies must be made on the Event Notice to be valid.
  > Reward will be distributed via Mail, please check on your Mailbox.
  > Wrong Nick Names will not be considered valid.
  > Replies after Event Period will not be valid. (UTC Time)
  > Only PLUG comments will be accepted as event participation

Who will be Strongest in the Realm? [GM]Sejong or [GM]Caesar?!
FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all Heroes in our community.

Thank you,