[Notice] Major Update: Patch Notes

7/10/2019 8:09:46 AM

Hello, Heroes

There will be an update on this week.

New Hero and UI will be updated, so please check on the details below.

■ Patch Note July 12, 2019

1. Legendary Heri Status increased
 - Legendary Hero status will be increased  80% ~ 140% base on level.

2. New Hero 'Bismarck'

3. New Package
 - Capital Growth Package(1,2,3) / Hero growth Package(1,2,3) Removed
 - Capital Growth Package 2 (1,2,3) / Hero growth Package 2 (1,2,3) has been added

4. New Product on Exchange Store
 - You can replace scarce resources with surplus resources.
 - Additional Items
  > Can change Gold to Mana.
    (Gold 400,000 > Mana 100,000 / once per day)
  > Can change Wood to Mana.
    (Wood 100,000 > Mana 50,000 / once per day)

5. Status will be added on Hero Guide
 - Can check hero status based on level from Hero Guide.

6. Main Screen UI Change
 - Community Icon has been added.

7. Game speed Adjustment
 - Skip function on tutorial has been added.

8. Game Balance Change
 - Encampment HP has been increase.
 - Mana production from Mana Repository will be increase.
 - Required Gold will be increased, but required artifact will be decreased when crafting tactics.
 - Artifact production from domain will be increased.
 - Quantity of mold from Desert Ruins will be decreased.
 - Quantity of Desert Coins from each Desert Ruins stage will be increased.
 - Required quantity of Desert Coins for Equipment crafting will be increased.
 - Required quantity of Desert Coins for Equipment crafting will be changed based on grade.
 - Buer's Health and Attack will be increased.
 - Health and attack of Boss and normal monster after level 30 on Expedition will be increased.
 - Hourglass can be obtainable on Adventure mode
 - Alliance Dispatch amount will be decreased.
  > Maximum alliance dispatch amount (30 > 3)
  > Maximum local ally troop amount (5 > 3)
 - Alliance Dispatch buff effect will be decreased.

9. Category on Summon event
 - Equipment/Rune roll has been moved from 'Store' to 'Summon event'.

  > Buff effect (Max 60% > 10%)

10. Bug Fix

 > Unable to conquer domain issue has been fixed.

  ※ Alliance dispatch on the domain will be canceled after maintenance.

FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all our Heroes in our community.

Thank you,