[Event] FIRST HERO Video Contest

7/9/2019 5:43:26 AM

Hello Heroes,

We have a great announcement Heroes! Introducing the First Hero Video Contest!

Just one of many ways for our Heroes to enjoy the full experience of First Hero!

Tips and Guides Videos related to FIRST HERO are more than welcomed!

Please check on the following Event Details!

FIRST HERO Video Contest Details ■

- Event Period: July 9 ~ July 31, 2019

- Event Details: Share a YouTube video about FIRST HERO

- How to Participate

  1. Take video about FIRST HERO.

  2. Upload the video on YouTube.

  3. Please reply on the Event Notice with the following format,  [Go to PLUG]

(Nick Name) / YouTube Link

Ex: [GM] Helen /: (

- Event Rewards

  First Place (1 Person): Crystal x6,000 + Unique ~ Legendary Hero Summon Scroll x5

  Second Place (1 Person): Crystal x3,000 + Unique ~ Legendary Hero Summon Scroll x4

  Third Place (1 Person): Crystal x2,000 + Unique ~ Legendary Hero Summon Scroll x3

  Special Prize (3 People): Crystal x1,000 + Rare ~ Legendary Hero Summon Scroll x3

- Winner Announcement: August 7, 2019

Personally edited filmed video will count for the Event.

Your Nick Name must be in the video.

Only replies with YouTube link on the Event Notice will valid.

Selected video may be posted on the official FIRST HERO community (FIRST HERO Plug Page).

Replies after Event Period will not be valid. (UTC Time)

Let’s share our greatest Strategies and Tactics with our fellow Heroes all over the world! Share the video and let us rally together! Come join the action now!

Thank you,