[Notice] List of Known Issues (June 29, 2019)

6/28/2019 11:50:18 AM

Hello Heroes,

Thank you for playing FIRST HERO and we truly hope that you enjoy FIRST HERO.

In order to provide effective support for game play, we have prepared “List of Known Issues”, which have been reported by users and discovered by the FIRST HERO Team that involves high priority in-game issues

Below is a list of some of the known issues that we are aware of, we will keep doing our best to provide more stable service. 
The list will be updated frequently, when the issues are fixed, or new issue comes up.

[List of Known Issues] 

1. Text crack on chat window and unable to chat
→ Issue Resolved(June 30)

2. Issue that receiving different kinds of rune when you synthesize rune.
- Original contents intention is to get random option and effect rune when you synthesize same grade/effect rune. You can check on the details on the ‘Menu’ > ‘Help’ > ‘Rune Management’.
(Please refer to following screenshot)
→ Issue Resolved(June 30)

Please be advised that there is an issue on option results on the synthesize window, and we are currently working on the issue.
We will update this notice when the issue gets fixed.

We will do our best to solve the issue and provide more stable service.

If you find any issues and questions during game play, please send us direct inquiry.

Thank you,