[Event] Hero Summon Event Vol.2

6/27/2019 4:28:15 AM

Hello Heroes,

We would like you to meet some more Heroes so much that we have prepared another special Hero Summon Store just for this event!
In this Event Store you can purchase Special Times at Special Prices!

Please be aware that the Event Store is only tied to the Event, do not miss this chance to obtain high grade Heroes.

High-Grade Hero Summon discount will be applied only during Event Period, so hurry up and get these high-grade Heroes!

Please check on the following details.

■ High Grade Hero Summon Price Down! Down!
 - Event Period: June 27 ~ July 31, 2019 (UTC)
 - Event Details: Hero Summon Price will be discounted during Event Period
 - Target Product: Event only applies on Summon Event Store
- Discounted Price: High-Grade Hero Summon x1 – 160 Crystal / High-Grade Hero Summon x10 – 1,500 Crystal
 - Caution
   > The discount will be applied only during Event Period.
   > Hero Summon Rate will return to Normal when Event Period is over.
   > No Refunds available for summoned Heroes during Event Period.
   > No Refunds and Withdrawals are available for used Crystals during Event Period.

FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all our Heroes in our community.
So, go out there and begin your legend… become our First Hero!

Thank you,