[Event] Hero Summon Event Vol.1

6/27/2019 4:26:22 AM

Hello Heroes,

Hero Summon Rate Up Event Vol.1! Summon Rate Up! Up! Event is now here!
It’s time to get popular Heroes easier than before!

Do not miss this great chance to meet new Heroes! Come check out the details!

■ Summon Rate Up! Up! Event Details
 - Event Period: June 28 ~ July 4, 2019 (UTC)
 - Event Details: Hero Summon Rate increase during event period (Only applies on Summon Event Tab)
 - Target Hero List
   > Rotation List Hero
      June 27~ June 30, 2019: Lu Bu (Summon rate up to 0.291%)
      July 1~ July 2, 2019: Guan Yu (Summon rate up to 0.166%)
      July 3 ~ July 4, 2019: Julius Caesar (Summon rate up to 0.291%)

   > New Hero
      June 27 ~ July 4, 2019: Saladin (Summon rate up to 0.166%)

 - Caution
> Summon Rate of Saladin, Lu Bu, Guan Yu and Julius Caesar has been increase; however, does not guarantee acquisition. 
   > Hero Summon Rate increase will be applied only during Event Period.
   > Hero Summon Rate will return to Normal when Event Period is over.
   > No refunds and withdrawal are available for used Crystals during Event Period.

FIRST HERO will always strive to create wonderful memories for all our Heroes in our community.
So, go out there and begin your legend… become our First Hero!

Thank you,