[Notice] Major Update: Patch Notes

6/27/2019 2:42:09 AM

Hello Heroes,

There will be major update to enhance convenience and update a new hero.
There will be various events and contents update on this update, so do not miss following details!
Please note that screenshots on this notice are from test environment.

■ Update Details (June 27)

 1. Domain ranking reward cycle change
  - 00:00 on the first day of every month > 00:00 on every Monday

 2. Ranking Reward Change
  - Reward of each contents has been changed.
  1) Buer’s Elite Soldiers reward has been 10 times increased
  2) Personal Ranking

  3) Arena Ranking

  4) Expedition Reward Change

3. New Hero
 - Saladin

4. New Raid Boss 'Admiral Skeleton'

5. Exchange Contents has been added
 - You can exchange your resource to item on the store.
  1) [Store > Exchange]
  2) [Domain > Exchange]

6. Package Products
 - New Package
  1) New Hero Summon Package 1, 2, 3 has been added
  2) Featured Hero List Update Scroll Package 1, 2, 3 has been added
 - Package Contents Change
  1) Subscription Plan Package 2: Instant payment crystal x600 > Instant payment crystal x1000
  2) Capital Growth Package: 30 Minutes Fast Track x50 > 30 Minutes Fast Track x 40 / 120 Minutes Fast Track x20  120 Minutes Fast Track x 35
 - Current Package Removal
  1) Hero Summon Package 1, 2, 3 has been removed

7. 3x battle speed added
 - Adventure, Desert Ruins

8. Improvements
 - Battle Tile Change
  1) Battle tile has been changed from square to hexagon

   ※ Replay of previous battles are no longer available due to map tile change.

 - Balance Change
  1) Difficulty of NPC on domain conquest will be decreased.
  2) Victory Condition of Adventure 3-7 will be changed. (Current: Eliminate Enemy Unit / Changed: Eliminate Enemy Unit or Destroy Enemy Encampment)
  3) Summon a Featured Hero price and rate change
  4) Daily Quest 'Raid other heroes 3 times' reward change

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Thank you,