[Notice] Hero Summon Package3 Error Resolved

6/4/2019 8:46:22 AM

Hello Heroes,

We are sorry to announce error on sales item [Hero Summon Package3($89.99)]

Purchasing [Hero Summon Package3($89.99)] should give you [Rare ~ Legendary Hero Summon Scroll x70 / Unique ~ Legendary Hero Summon Scroll x1],
but we have found only [Rare ~ Legendary Hero Summon Scroll x30] can be retrieved from mail box.

The issue has been resolved on 8:00 June 4, 2019 (UTC), and we have sent missing [Rare ~ Legendary Hero Summon Scroll x40] via mail to heroes who purchased [Hero Summon Pakcage3($89.99)].

If you didn't recieve missing items although you have purchased [Hero Summon Package3($89.99)], please send us direct inquery.

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Thank you,