[Notice] Major Update: Patch Notes

5/20/2019 2:46:56 AM

Hello Heroes,

There will be a Major Update on May 30 after Maintenance.

This Update contains lot of changes, so that we have prepared a patch note to give our Heroes more information.

■ Update Patch Note

 1. New Contents Update
  - New packages has been added.
  - New 'Hero Summon system' has been added.
  - New list has been added on the store.
  - New 'Replay' system has been added.
  - New repeat battle function on 'Adventure' and 'Deset Ruins' has been added.

 2. Balance Change
  - Equiptment balance has been changed.
  - Arena reward has been changed.
  - Hero grade and status has been changed.
  - Building construction, Research balance has been changed.
  - Other minor balance has been changed.
  - Required hero max level up EXP will be changed.
   > Hero summon scroll will be given to players who used more hero than changed EXP table.
    : If you used rare hero for exp. rare hero summon scroll will be given.
  - Simplifies equipment option and enhance option status.
   > Equipment Attribute Change Scroll will be given to all heroes(Created before maintenance) as compensation.

 3. Bug Fix & Other changes
  - Web View has been updated.
  - Some if skills instructure has been changed.
  - Graphic on Desert Ruins has been changed.

Please enjoy your beautiful journey in FIRST HERO with this Major Update.

Thank you,