[Notice] Account Reset and Compensation for Upcoming Major Update

3/13/2019 5:47:29 AM

Hello, Heroes

FIRST HERO is preparing its 3rd Soft Launch and Major Update to give players a more exciting experience. (Keep in mind that there may be some data deletions in the process)

This major update contains many system and contents changes.
To avoid any unforeseen problems with the new update, there will be a Data Reset.

There will be compensation for Heroes who purchased in-game products.
Furthermore, In-game product purchases will be disabled till the 3rd Soft Launch.

Please check following details about the Reset and compensations to avoid any inconveniences.

[Account Reset / Compensation Details]

◆ Account Reset / Compensation period
: April 9 Maintenance

◆ Account Reset Details 
: All Accounts that were created before the 3rd Soft Launch will be reverted to Lv.1 (Account Name will remain)
: All contents and item like hero, rune, troops, buildings and others will reset

◆ Compensation
: Crystal corresponds to current purchased amount + 50%

◆ In-game purchase disable period
  : 13 March, 2019 ~

※ Account / Game data reset schedule will be announced later.

※ Compensation will be distributed to Lv.1 character after the account reset.

※ If you have purchased in-game product and played the game with guest account, please try to link your account to Google/Facebook/Game center before the Reset.

※ If the guest account can’t be confirm after the Reset due to game deletion/reinstall and others, please advise that the Compensation will be unavailable.

※ For any other inquires, please use in-game direct inquiry function.

Please advised the mentioned details to avoid further inconvenience.

Thank you,

FIRST HERO Support Team